Concrete Walls

Concrete-Poured Walls Are 10 Times Stronger!

Regal’s green homes boast concrete-poured walls that are a full four inches thicker than standard wood-framed construction. When complete, the home will not only be virtually soundproof, enhancing the relaxation factor inside the home, but will be heated and cooled year-round for about a dollar a day – that’s less than a cup of gourmet coffee!

• Water tightness is important to homeowners. Solid concrete walls keep water out better than other types of construction
• Greater fire resistance due to the increased density and joint free construction of poured concrete wallsoffers twice the fire resistance than hollow core block walls.
• Resistance to rot and decay Solid concrete walls provide long years of service life. Neither home builders nor home owners must be concerned that concrete will be vulnerable to rot or decay that can occur in wood construction.
• Home builders have fewer warranty problems. Water tightness means fewer call backs for the builder or housing developer, which leads to cost savings.
• Efficient modern construction methods make poured concrete walls cost competitive with block walls, which is important to both home builders and home buyers.
• Performance testing for strength Testing the compressive strengths of concrete assures the builder and homeowner of specified strengths in the concrete.
• When you consider a poured concrete wall has forty percent more concrete at competitive prices, the choice leads to poured concrete walls.
• Quality aggregates are essential for quality concrete. Aggregates that are washed and graded, state and federally inspected.
• Faster construction times, meaning a quicker return for the owner in rental or sales.
• Homeowners know about the water tightness of poured concrete walls. When they combine the benefits of a stronger, more durable wallit adds up to more value and thus a better re-sale on the property.
• Ready Mixed Concrete can also adapt to cold weather construction which offers builders an extended construction season.

(Courtesy of Concrete Foundations Association)


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